Professional Development Courses

Envisage Training’s professional development workshops will provide your staff with the practical skills to enable them to do their job better. Teams perform at their best when people possess the necessary skills, knowledge and strategies to deal comfortably with their increasing responsibilities.

These courses can be delivered onsite and are readily customisable to meet the specific needs of an organisation.

Benefits of engaging our services

Our training and facilitation can improve your organisation’s ability to attract, engage and retain quality staff. The benefits of engaging Envisage Training include other measurable improvements in:

  • efficiency and productivity of workforce
  • maximising return on personnel investment
  • maximising return on IT infrastructure investment
  • increased profits and reduced costs
  • restoration of work/life balance
  • enhanced environmental sustainability – reduced carbon footprint
  • organisational market and community profile

Course Outlines:

Leadership & Management

Business Skills

Sales & Marketing

Coaching & Mentoring

Personal Development