Envisage Training is a company dedicated to delivering service excellence and quality learning outcomes. Our company delivers training in two streams. One specializes in Information Communication Technology (ICT) training (e.g. Microsoft & Adobe Software Applications). The other focuses on professional learning & development training in areas such as time management, project management, communication skills etc. We have developed an outstanding reputation for delivering quality, tailored courses that are well structured, hands on and relevant.

Envisage Training’s computer courses and professional development workshops are delivered through a variety of flexible models by experienced professionals with a focus on improving efficiency and productivity. An outline of our services is listed below:

Training Needs Analysis

Envisage Training offers this service through face to face processes in combination with a powerful online survey tool. This tool provides accurate, detailed reports on clients’ training needs. Click here for more details.

Course Development

This service is based on the outcomes derived from training needs analysis. Course contents and resources are tailored to the specific needs of the client ensuring that maximum learning outcomes are achieved.

Training & Facilitation

Envisage Training is passionate about the way we deliver training. Our training approach advocates:

Collaboration between client and trainer Evaluation & feedback with focus on student achievement Hands-on & scenario based activities Individual assistance Interactive communication & engagement with participants Quality customised course content & resources Relevant usage & sustainable best practice

Post Course Support

To obtain optimal outcomes from training, Envisage Training offers post course training support.

More Information

For more information on how we can work with your organisation, please call 1300 881 026 or email